The Mirziyaev regime is stifling freedom of speech

On June 26, through a network of mutual acquaintances, one of the unofficial representatives of the Uzbek authorities residing in

The Putin regime exposes itself yet again.

Commenting on the events in Dagestan, a State Duma deputy (United Russia Party) Major-General of the Russian Federal Guard Abdulkhakim

False hostage-taking in a pre-trial detention centre in Rostov

On 14 June this year, a Russian governmental website that publishes drafts of regulatory legal acts published a draft of

Summit on Peace in Ukraine

Movement Erkin O'zbekiston would like to become a participant of the first Summit on Peace in Ukraine to be held

A threatening message from the Russian authorities 

On 24 May, Bishkek hosted a regular meeting of the Council of Heads of National Security Enforcement Agencies and Special

Transnational repression carried out by the Uzbek authorities

The Erkin O'zbekiston (Free Uzbekistan) movement is an opposition movement to the current government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The

The Putin regime continues to blow up Russia

On Friday evening, 22 March, an odd terrorist attack was carried out in the Crocus City Hall concert hall owned

Uzbek Oppositionist Reveals Possible Reasons For Lukashenka’s Visit To Tashkent

Are the dictators creating a new military alliance? Lukashenka flew to Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, the dictator will hold talks with

On Taiwan’s Election

The political opposition movement Erkin O'zbekiston congratulates Mr Lai and the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan on their convincing victory

You can’t negotiate with the devil

In the context of the new statements of Russian politicians about the accession of Uzbekistan and other republics of the

Burhanov: "I would advise the countries of the OSCE region to recognize that Russia is a terrorist state that poses the greatest threat to the world and to categorize Vladimir Putin as terrorist number one because he is a dangerous individual"

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