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You can’t negotiate with the devil

30.12.2023 admin

In the context of the new statements of Russian politicians about the accession of Uzbekistan and other republics of the former USSR to the Russian Federation, the fears of Mr Burhanov, the founder of the opposition movement Erkin O’zbekiston, which he voiced on 12 October this year at the OSCE International Conference in Warsaw, are confirmed.

Thank you Mr Moderator! Dear colleagues, I am Hasanboy Burhanov, represending Erkin O’zbekiston Movement.

When discussing humanitarian issues in the OSCE region, participating States need to pay attention not to the consequences but to the causes of these problems.

The main reason for the current humanitarian crisis in the OSCE area is the aggressive policy of the Russian authorities towards neighbouring States. And of course Russia’s treacherous attack on the sovereign independent State of Ukraine in February 2022. For the second year, the Ukrainian people are bravely defending their homes against the Russian invaders. But if it so happens that the Ukrainians fail in this task (which we very much doubt), the Baltic States, Poland and other EU countries will have to defend themselves. The Putin regime poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the entire world, regardless of their geographical location.

We call on the OSCE participating States to significantly increase financial and military assistance to Ukraine, as this is first and foremost important for all of us. If the Putin regime is not toppled, it will continue to terrorise the entire world.

We must all realise one simple truth: you cannot negotiate with the devil if your head is in his mouth.

Hence, in the context of the above mentioned statement:

– The political opposition movement Erkin Uzbekistan condemns Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine.

– We support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.

– We support Ukraine’s right against Russian aggression and its indisputable right to regain its territories.

We want to remind everyone that in the most difficult times these are not the words of enemies that would be remembered, but the silence of friends.

Thank you for your attention!

Hasanboy Burhanov, the founder of the political opposition movement Erkin O’zbekiston

Warsaw Human Dimension Conference – 2023. Sofitel Victoria Warsaw (Poland). 12.10.2023