On June 26, through a network of mutual acquaintances, one of the unofficial representatives of the Uzbek authorities residing in the Kingdom of Sweden contacted us, seeking the removal of certain online content


On 24 May, Bishkek hosted a regular meeting of the Council of Heads of National Security Enforcement Agencies and Special Services of the CIS countries. Alexander Bortnikov, director of the Federal Security Service


The Erkin O'zbekiston (Free Uzbekistan) movement is an opposition movement to the current government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main goal of the movement is to come to power democratically and to


On Friday evening, 22 March, an odd terrorist attack was carried out in the Crocus City Hall concert hall owned by one of Putin's oligarchs, Araz Agalarov. In the afternoon of that unfortunate


Are the dictators creating a new military alliance? Lukashenka flew to Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, the dictator will hold talks with the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. They will be held both in a


Manipulating the mass consciousness of Muslims Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who considers himself "a great defender of Palestinians and Islam in the international arena," speaking at a meeting of his party's Parliamentary Group


After the annexation of Crimea in February-March 2014, Putin and his propaganda voices assured the world that the Russian military was not involved in this event. The people of Crimea, as they claimed,


On 17 March 2022, the media in Europe and Asia broke the news that on the 22nd day of the treacherous invasion of the independent state of Ukraine by the Russian troops, Tashkent


On February 16, 1999, in a span of 80 minutes, five powerful explosions shook Tashkent. According to official information, 13 people died and more than 100 were injured. On this day, at 11


On September 23, 2019, at the OSCE meeting in Warsaw, the speech of an Uzbek oppositioner shocked the representatives of the 57 participating states from North America, Europe, and Asia. In an international