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The Mirziyaev regime is stifling freedom of speech

27.06.2024 admin

On June 26, through a network of mutual acquaintances, one of the unofficial representatives of the Uzbek authorities residing in the Kingdom of Sweden contacted us, seeking the removal of certain online content published on our information resources.

On November 16, 2023, with minor comments, we made a post about the speech of the Uzbek delegation in Geneva, where they presented their latest country report on human rights within the framework of the UN Universal Periodic Review. Arguing that this post caused reputational damage to the members of the Uzbek delegation, the unofficial representative of the Uzbek authorities insisted on the removal of this publication (see here and here).

Content published on our information resources is not removed unless it is blocked directly by the social network due to an attack by internet trolls.

Despite the authorities’ assurances of fundamental reforms being carried out in the country, Uzbekistan continues to be a space of silence and lawlessness for freedom of speech and the rule of law.

The Mirziyoyev regime continues to spend hundreds of millions of US dollars on disinformation and information manipulation, which ultimately leads to the formation of false perceptions in the global community about the existence of democratic transformations in Uzbekistan.

The political opposition movement “Erkin O’zbekiston” is an internationally recognized political organization that operates officially.

We are open to equal cooperation with all interested parties who respect our activities. At the same time, we categorically do not accept the language of violence, threats, and ultimatums.