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Uzbek Oppositionist Reveals Possible Reasons For Lukashenka’s Visit To Tashkent

07.02.2024 admin

Are the dictators creating a new military alliance?

Lukashenka flew to Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, the dictator will hold talks with the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev. They will be held both in a tete-a-tete format and in an expanded format with the participation of delegations.

Opposition politician, head of the Erkin O’zbekiston (Free Uzbekistan) movement Hasanboy Burhanov believes that this visit will be used to create a new military-political bloc. He spoke about this in an interview with

— This visit has been planned for a long time. At the beginning of September last year, the Chairman of the Senate of Uzbekistan, Tanzila Narbaeva, was in Belarus with a large group of officials. During a personal meeting with Lukashenka, she conveyed greetings from Shavkat Mirziyoyev and an invitation to visit Uzbekistan. This meeting was planned earlier, that’s the first thing.

Secondly, what connects Belarus and Uzbekistan? First of all, this is our main ally, the Russian Federation. If the Lukashenka regime is, let’s say, the closest partner of Putin’s Russia, then Uzbekistan takes the second place after Belarus, everyone should understand this. Now there is a purposeful reconstruction of their utopian project, USSR-2, they are moving towards this, this is the main goal.

Uzbek officials have been very actively cooperating with Belarusian officials over the past 2-3 years. They are gradually introducing in Uzbekistan the same repressive and punitive methods that you have. The main goal is the revival of the USSR-2, so they form a single military-political bloc, which in the future will be used in a big war against the Western world. This is all real, they don’t refuse it.

— Can circumvention of sanctions be discussed at the meeting?

— Central Asia systematically and in all respects helps Russia in circumventing sanctions — Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. In this regard, they are reliable partners, a reliable rear of the Putin regime. Even without any agreements, in person, tête-à-tête, at the level of telephone calls, this is all resolved.

But there is a second point. Lukashenka will try to increase pressure on Uzbekistan by attracting guest workers and labor from Uzbekistan to Belarus, this is the first thing. And secondly, trade turnover will increase. During the time of Islam Karimov, they had bad relations, despite the fact that both Lukashenka and Karimov were, let’s say, products of the Soviet era.

I can’t say that now (Lukashenka and Mirziyoyev) have friendly relations, but over the last 2-3 years trade turnover has been increasing, and cooperation in the military-industrial complex will increase. Lukashenka will put all possible pressure on Mirziyoyev so that he has already documented and entered the Putin-Lukashenka military-political alliance.

You need to understand that in the future this alliance in one coalition will fight against the civilized world, against the Western world. Belarusians, Ukrainians, the Baltic countries, Poland, and the rest of the Western world should understand this.

— So, preparations are underway for some kind of big war?

— Of course, it’s real, they don’t hide it themselves. Therefore, the Central Asian potential, economic and human resources, will be used in this war. During this visit, which began today, Mirziyoyev and Lukashenka will decide these nuances, how to do it, what should be done. They will complete the legal aspects of formalizing this union so that Uzbekistan becomes a full member of the CSTO, the EAEU, and other blocs. But the main goal is the creation of precisely this new military-political bloc, which will participate in Putin’s big war.

— What could the Western world do to prevent this aggression?

— First of all, we must take into account the colossal information war waged by the Putin regime in the Central Asian region; there is absolutely no counter-propaganda there. That is, in the area of sports, and in education, and in culture, and in the military-political direction, Russia is promoting its propaganda in Central Asia. And there is not a single force that could even restrain it.

Today this is a very pressing problem, and the Western world must understand that it is necessary to allocate funds and give real grants in order to suppress not only Russian, but also Belarusian propaganda in Central Asia. The biggest tragedy is that even those Western funds that are supposedly allocated for non-governmental organizations, unfortunately, fall into the hands of GONGOs (state-organized non-governmental organizations — edit.) or pro-Russian non-governmental organizations, of which there are many in the region. There is absolutely no filtration there, so it is necessary for the Western world to begin to really curb pro-Russian propaganda in Central Asia, this is problem number one.