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The Putin regime continues to blow up Russia

23.03.2024 admin

On Friday evening, 22 March, an odd terrorist attack was carried out in the Crocus City Hall concert hall owned by one of Putin’s oligarchs, Araz Agalarov.

In the afternoon of that unfortunate day, the Telegram channel “Our Strogino M125” published a photo of a group of special vehicles belonging to the Russian power structures, parked near the Crocus City Hall. According to the observers, police officers had been cordoning off the perimeter of the building since the morning, which doesn’t normally happen.

Just when the concert of the band “Picnic” was about to start, at 20-00 hours, a white car (Renault Symbol) stopped near the concert hall, several people got out and opened fire from automatic weapons at people.

The first video shows four armed men shooting at the guests in the lobby of the building. One of the gunmen, firing at a group of people, fired about thirty single shots from a very close range (1.5-2 metres). However, starting from the 20th second of the clip, it can be seen how this group of people starts moving ahead, and a woman leaning against the wall repeatedly looks in the direction of the militants. Shooting at people looks like a theatrical performance.

In the second clip, where a man comments on the “massacre”, at the 08th second, one of the “killed” suddenly comes to life and stands up. Then, for a moment, he is caught in the camera lens alive two more times.

Witness accounts of “survivors of the massacre” look unnatural, even fake. It’s not evident that they came face to face with death that evening.

According to the Russian authorities, somehow, one gunman was “killed” and the three were able to get out unharmed and drive away in the car they arrived in. Despite the fact that the entire perimeter of the concert hall building is packed with facial recognition systems, the media has yet to publish close-up images (photo and video material) of the attackers.

The Investigative Committee of Russia reports that the “terrorist attack” at Crocus City Hall killed more than 137 people, which is hard to believe.

There is no doubt that this act of intimidation in the Crocus City Hall concert hall was organised by Putin’s terrorist regime, which pursues the following goals:

– to establish a military dictatorship;

– to design the image of an external enemy and thus to consolidate the Russian society in the struggle against them;

– in order to fight the external enemy, to declare general military mobilisation in Russia;

– to fight the so-called traitors and collaborators of the enemy inside the country and re-establish the death penalty in Russia.