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The Putin regime exposes itself yet again.

24.06.2024 admin

Commenting on the events in Dagestan, a State Duma deputy (United Russia Party) Major-General of the Russian Federal Guard Abdulkhakim Gadzhiev read out a text that had been certainly prepared for him in advance: “The special services of Ukraine and NATO countries may be behind this…. Our special military operation in Ukraine is succeeding on all fronts. This means: the situation inside the country needs to be destabilized”.

In order to hide the systemic losses of the Russian army in the war against Ukraine and the failures of the Kremlin’s aggressive foreign policy, the Putin regime continues to resort to its usual practice of staging terrorist attacks while blaming external forces.

As the state propaganda goes on rubbing into people’s minds that their problems are cause by the external enemy, and anyone but the Putin’s regime is to blame for them, Dagestan has declared a three-day mourning period.

By sending their condolences to the Russian President, the Kremlin’s vassals from Central Asia and Transcaucasia are showing their loyalty to Putin’s methods of manipulating the mass consciousness of Russians and disinforming the world community.